Resolving Internal Conflict

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Resolving Internal Conflict. Tony Robbins explains often, the conflicts we have, are between our conscious & unconscious mind, between our mind & our heart.

Tony Robbins on How to Resolve Internal Conflict

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There’s a scientific stat and scientific studies that show that when your mind and your heart—, your heart actually has hormones that affect the way your brain functions. It’s not just your brain affecting your heart. They interact. When they are in alignment, human beings are able to resolve internal conflicts.

Often, the conflicts we have, are between our conscious and unconscious mind between our mind and our heart. As an example, I would have put electrodes on your brain and on your heart, you will know an EEG and an EKG, we could see that they’re both, in your normal state, pre-jagged up and down and they don’t look anything like each other, but if all you do is put your hands on your heart physically—, and anyone listening, let’s go ahead and do this right now on a second.

Then, I’ll first tell you what we’re going to do—.

You put both your hands on your heart physically and you feel your heart, you put all your focus on your heart, you breathe into your heart, and you feel gratitude for two minutes where you think of three events in your life you feel grateful for, and you step in and feel it. At the end of two minutes, you were in a what I call a beautiful state, because I can look at your EEG and EKG and it’s dramatic. First, they aren’t jagged, they’re rounded, but what’s mind-boggling and I’m sure you probably know this then. They literally sink up. They become identical. They look like they’re tracing each other. And when that happens, it’s not just your mind. I will still tell people, get in your head, you’re dead. Your mind’s great for strategy, but it will never make you enjoy your life. It will never let you enjoy the taste of an apple, because it will go “It’s organic. Where did it come from?” You know what I mean?


--versus your heart, which can bring the juice of anything back to you. So, what really I’m trying to do with everyone in this situation is I’m trying to show them how to align this up and it’s really easy. So if you want to do it right now and you want to test that it works, let’s do this, and Tim, you could do this with me if you’d like to.


If you’re given a situation, you might have in your life, you know it’s crazy in this area. So on top of it, but most of the sub-situations where there are, for all those who are listening, a place where we have some unfinished business.

It’s all a story about our lives. It’s just being human, right? But it’s a place where there’s something that you should have handled or you haven’t handled with a person or situation, it stresses you out, and so, what we turn to do is focus on other stuff, because we don’t want to deal with that, because it’s stressful, because you know, it’s painful.

And so, think of something that on a 0 to 10 scale, where 10 is totally stressed out, and 0 is not at all, pick something that’s unfinished business in your business or personal life, it’s something or someone, and it’s at least 7 to 8, or 9, or 10. Just so that you can see that this really works.

Now, by the way, there are a hundred ways to do this, but just going to give you this one, because we are going to do it in two minutes.

Alright. So, I’m hoping, Tim, do you have one by chance?

I do.

Now, tell me the contents. Okay, give me or tell me the contents. No one else tells us contents. Alright, everyone, if you would, just for the moment, I don’t want any music in the background, which I do to enhance this normally. But let’s just do it.

Put both your hands in your heart, and physically breathe deep into your heart. And as you’re breathing deep in your heart, feel the strength of your heart. Feel the power of your heart. Feel the beauty of your heart. What do you proud or grateful, thy heart has guided you to do or to give or to feel or to enjoy? The feel of the strength that are breathed into it, feel the blood flow of the oxygen. And feel grateful for your heart first.

Because think about it, you didn’t have to earn this heart. It was given to you. You didn’t have to prove your value, or your worth, you didn’t have to accomplish anything. Something loved you enough to give you the gift of life. As long as this heart is beating, you have that gift and you live. And it’s a hundred thousand times today, pumps blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. You put them end-to-end, they go around you, twice the equator, that’s what’s inside everyone of us. And you don’t have to think about it. What a gift.

So as you breathe in your heart, feeling your powerful heart, how are you for this moment? We’re going to think of three, but just think first of one event in your life, one experience, one moment that you could feel so grateful for if you wanted to. A magic moment. A sacred moment. A sexy moment. A beautiful moment. A loving moment. Any moment really you could feel grateful for if you wanted to right now.

And then step into that memory from it. Like, step in your body as if you were there. See what you have solved then as if you’re there, or hear what you’d hear back then, or breathe the way you’re breathing back then. And you’re filled up with that sense of gratitude for that moment. How do you smile when you feel so grateful, so thankful? What’s the look in your eyes? How do you breathe? What’s the look in your face when you feel really, really grateful? And just fill it up, fill it up with gratitude.

The reason we use gratitude, by the way, because the two emotions that messes up most is anger and fear, and you can’t be grateful and angry simultaneously. it’s the antidote. You can’t be fearful and angry simultaneously. So fill up the gratitude.

And now think of a second moment you could feel truly grateful for and then breathe deep in your heart, feeling that power. Just think of any other moment. It could be from your childhood, or your adulthood, it could be last week, it could be today, it could be ten years ago, any moment that you could just truly feel like that was great, that was magical, that was beautiful, that’s magnificent, something that gives you the feeling of tremendous gratitude if you really focus on it. Breathe it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Fill it up with gratitude.

And finally think of the third moment you could feel truly grateful for. Step in it. See it. Feel it. Be there. Feel the gratitude. What are you still grateful for? What are you grateful for? And then maybe throw one extra in. Think of a co-incidence. You know, we all love when life happens for it. It’s not to us. We love coincidences, because if we didn’t do anything, something happened for us. You’re going to do one thing, and you met somebody that you developed a partnership with, whether it became a friend, or a lover, or the love of your life, or maybe a business opportunity. It came from a coincidence. Or an insight came from a coincidence that’s so invaluable for your life. Something you’re grateful for. What’s the coincidence that led to something you’re so grateful for? And feel the gratitude to that. What are the coincidences that you were guided. Hmm?

Now, as you breathe in your heart, you’ve been doing this for about two minutes, keep breathing. Keep feeling that feeling grateful that used to state, to solve the problem state. So the easy way to do that is, just keep breathing your heart, stay up your head and your heart, and think of that situation, that unfinished business that has stressed you out in the past, but keep breathing this beautiful state and ask yourself this question. Ask yourself, all I need to focus on in that situation, all you need to focus on, all you need to remember is what? Your heart knows. All you need to focus on, all you need to remember, all you need to do when that situation is what? Your heart knows the answer. All you need to focus on, all you need to- remember, all you need to do is, and then, your heart probably knows the answer. I’ve done this a million times. Not everyone of you, but in a normal room, I’d have people, say, raise your hand if you’ve got that answer. Then 98-99% of the people usually do, even with this simple technique. And you know what to do what’s next.


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