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December 1, 2019
Resolving Internal Conflict. Tony Robbins explains often, the conflicts we have, are between our conscious & unconscious mind, between our mind & our heart.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Resolving Internal Conflict” Guided Meditation Script:

You put both your hands on your heart physically and you feel your heart, you put all your focus on your heart, you breathe into your heart, and you feel gratitude for two minutes where you think of three events in your life you feel grateful for, and you step in and feel it.

At the end of two minutes, you were in a what I call a beautiful state, because I can look at your EEG and EKG and it’s dramatic. First, they aren’t jagged, they’re rounded, but what’s mind-boggling and I’m sure you probably know this then. They literally sink up. They become identical. They look like they’re tracing each other.

And when that happens, it’s not just your mind. I will still tell people, get in your head, you’re dead. Your mind’s great for strategy, but it will never make you enjoy your life. It will never let you enjoy the taste of an apple, because it will go “It’s organic. Where did it come from?” You know what I mean?


--versus your heart, which can bring the juice of anything back to you. So, what really I’m trying to do with everyone in this situation is I’m trying to show them how to align this up and it’s really easy. So if you want to do it right now and you want to test that it works, let’s do this, and Tim, you could do this with me if you’d like to.


If you’re given a situation, you might have in your life, you know it’s crazy in this area. So on top of it, but most of the sub-situations where there are, for all those who are listening, a place where we have some unfinished business.

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