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Breath Awareness Meditation with Sean Fargo

June 1, 2022 Sean Fargo min read

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Mindfulness of breathing is a foundational practice, but it’s not merely for beginners. Some mindfulness practitioners spend their entire lives with this one method of deepening awareness.

In this episode, Mindfulness Exercises founder, Sean Fargo leads a 12-minute guided meditation on mindfulness of breath. The practice begins with grounding, as Sean invites us to sense into the body’s connection to the earth. We’re then asked to shift awareness into the belly, observing the sensations and rhythm of breath. 

Surrender to the simplicity of breathing, by practicing presence with each breath in and each breath out.

For a more in-depth discussion of mindfulness of breath, listen to episode #004, Why Sean Fargo Recommends Mindfulness of Breathing. Find hundreds more guided audio meditations or download 200 meditation scripts to expand your personal practice, or to share with others.

About Sean Fargo

Sean Fargo is a former Buddhist monk and the founder of Mindfulness Exercises. The online platform, which has shared free and premium mindfulness resources with over 3 million people worldwide, has now certified over 500 Mindfulness Teachers.

Sean is the lead instructor for the teacher training program, a unique self-paced approach which invites world-renowned mindfulness teachers to share their insights and experiences. Sean has taught mindfulness and meditation for corporations including Facebook, Google and Tesla and for health and government organizations, prisons and hospitals around the world.

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