Kate Munding, Kate Munding

Kate Munding has been practicing and studying Buddhist meditation since 2004. She has sat many long retreats in the US and Thailand and is part of the Spirit Rock/ IMS Teacher Training which started in 2013. Her teaching style is based on the tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

In 2008 she began teaching secular mindfulness to young adults as well as elementary and middle school students in their classrooms. Kate is the former Director of Training for Mindful Schools. In 2012, Kate founded Heart-Mind Education, a mindful education business developing and teaching mindfulness programs and trainings to students and the adults in their lives. To date, she has taught mindfulness to over 2000 students in the Bay Area and has trained approximately 2500 educators, therapists, and parents in mindful awareness techniques and philosophy around the world.

Get to know more about Kate Munding on her website. The teachings she offer are grounded in the tradition of the Buddha. They’re also informed by her life as a mother, a devoted practitioner, and as a conscious member of society concerned for the suffering on our planet.

Kate Munding’s Mindfulness Meditations

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