Part 4: Generosity As Our Natural Response

In the book, River of Awareness: Seeking the Wisdom of Love, Stephen Sims explores generosity and gratitude through the analogy of a river’s course. He writes of acts of generosity, whether great or small as miracles of life.

Generosity begets generosity creating a circular flow of compassion and gratitude. When we live in a spirit of sharing, we come to know the meanings of love and kindness. These powerful acts and understandings have important appearances in all aspects of our life experiences.

To focus on scant supply leads to separateness and engenders rivalry. Others are perceived as a threat and there is competition for the scant supply. In contrast, the law of sharing affirms a view of unlimited potential and creativity. It places confidence in the plentitude of the universe and generates a perspective that there is enough for everyone.


Heart-Centered Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude in Service to Others Study and Practice Guide

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