Part 3: Practices For Redemption

The practice of forgiveness grows from generosity and repetition. To forgive requires letting go of the anger. Working through the anger is imperative to forgiveness work.

In a study on the forgiveness related to the conflicts in Northern Ireland, it was found that the specific emotion of anger, or anger-related emotions (hostility and resentment, rather than other negative emotions, such as fear and disgust), hinders forgiveness. Anger needs to be expressed and released before forgiveness may occur.


Mind Appreciation Meditation

Forgiveness and Atonement Study and Practice Guide

  • I found this set of meditation at a time when I was hurt very deeply by someone else. However, in working through this I realized that I had to go back and ask for forgiveness from others who I have hurt in the past, forgive those who have hurt me and also forgive myself. My heart now feels lighter and I feel I am truly on the road to having a new life and a newness in life. Thanks so much for these wonderful lessons on gratitude.

  • Yes, it is one thing to forgive others that hurt us, but forgiving ourselves is another thing. I am seeing this and contemplating it. Meditating on being kind to myself and forgiving myself. It is the final step.

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