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“Me Too” In Popular Mindfulness Communities

Dear friends, With recent accusations of impropriety made against Chade Meng-Tan (founder of Search Inside Yourself – the mindfulness program born at Google), Sakyong Mipham (leader

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Supports for Practice

Supports for Practice, by James Baraz

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Starting Where You Are [Audio]

Starting Where You Are, by Phillip Moffitt  

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Instructions et méditation guidée [Audio]

Instructions et méditation guidée, by Pascal Auclair  

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The Path of Tenderness [Audio]

The Path of Tenderness, by Mark Coleman  

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The Way to the End of the World [Audio]

The Way to the End of the World, by Howard Cohn  

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Seeing Through Eyes of Love [Audio]

Seeing Through Eyes of Love, by Vinny Ferraro  

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Waking Up in Every World [Audio]

Waking Up in Every World, by Anushka Fernandopulle  

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Intoxicated with Reality [Audio]

Intoxicated with Reality, by Eugene Cash  

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