Welcome to the Course

Getting better sleep is really not that hard.  To be honest, it’s actually pretty simple.  But when I first started I really didn’t know anything about what it took get a good night’s rest and because I didn’t know what I was doing, my sleep really suffered and so did my life.  I would toss and turn all night, I would wake up randomly and not know how to fall back to sleep, I would wake up in the morning feeling exhausted and need to hit the snooze button 20 times before I could actually get out of bed.  

But about 5 years ago I started learning about what happens when you don’t get enough sleep and what can benefit when you do.  And I started to get serious about my sleep.  I realized that what I needed was to learn the science-based, proven strategies for what actually helps people fall asleep faster, sleep more peacefully and actually get the rest and rejuvenation that they need.

And in this course I’m going to show you what I’ve learned so that you don’t have the make the same mistakes that I made.  So, when you’re ready to get started go ahead and join me in the next video where I’m going to talk about what to expect in this course and how to get the most out of it.  I’ll see you there.

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