Mighty Oak Tree

In this Guided Meditation for Kids you will get to experience how special and significant you really are as you turn into the MIGHTY OAK TREE!

You realise that as the acorn has the potential to become the mighty oak, you too have the same huge potential within yourself.

This Bedtime Meditation for Children is great for: Confidence, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Sleep, Relaxation and expanding the imagination!

Tips for Raising Mindful Children

1. Practice together.

Set time aside each day for family mindfulness practice. This might look like one minute of gratitude and quiet contemplation before dinner each night or it could resemble a more formal sit-down practice. Aim for consistency and collectivity.

2. Practice patience and compassion.

Mindfulness practice is not always smooth sailing. Individuals in a family unit will have varying needs and desires on any given day, and sometimes, tensions will rise. Practice patience and compassion when other individuals are sharing their experience, their challenges, and their emotions. Show your children that mindfulness is not just for moments when things feel easy; it’s especially important during the hard times, too.

3. Practice being vulnerable.

Show your children that it’s okay to be vulnerable, open, and honest within the family by sharing your own challenges and shortcomings when it comes to mindfulness practice. This will help your children to communicate openly and honestly, fueling your ability to practice mindfulness authentically as a family.

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