Breathing Exercise

Let your child indulge in this Mindfulness Meditation for Kids...

It is a simple but very effective breathing exercise which is an ideal introduction into Mindfulness.

This can be used to help ease worries, anxiety and stress, as well as being a tonic for sleep and relaxation.

An idea may be to unwind with your child, listening to this mindfulness meditation together...bliss!

Mindfulness Meditations for Kids

Many of us adults in Western cultures weren’t introduced to mindfulness practice at a young age. Instead, we most often stumble upon the globally growing presence of mindfulness as adults, often after having struggled with life in one way or another.

While mindfulness wasn’t a common household term a few decades ago, technology is changing the learning landscape for our children.

Thanks to the internet and the ever-expanding interest in mindfulness practice, mindfulness meditations for kids is no longer a foreign concept.

Children around the world are being introduced to practices like breath awareness and loving kindness meditations, offering them skills that will help to carry them healthily and happily into their futures.

As parents and caregivers, we can help to encourage their wellbeing by introducing them to some of these practices that will positively impact their lives in countless ways.

  • I think that in this time, mindfullness is very important for kinds because there are a lot of distractions and is fundamental take a pause, and feel the breathing and body, i love it, this course is beautiful!!!

  • What age group would you recomend this for? I am thinking that maybe it is simple enough for my 9-10th graders as a begining practice?

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