Meditación Básica

  • I found this method to be very easy because it helped my comprehend the my stressful issues and practice strategies that I didnt know before.

  • I really enjoyed this meditation session. I definitely felt more “grounded” and positive after completing this. It was perfect for an intermediate-advanced spanish learner and I was able to understand almost all of it! Thank you very much for the video.

  • I found the man’ s voice very soothing. I had never done any type of meditation before, but now am interested. I might have to try other types in the future.

  • Me gustaba este meditación, fue muy relajante. También no fue duro para hacer and entendí los instrucciones.

  • I found this experience very invigorating and relaxing, I will be sure to reference this video whenever I feel down or in need of a break. Awesome video, I wish you good luck during this quarantine.


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