Body Scan Meditation

Begin by bringing your attention into your body
You can close your eyes if that’s comfortable to you
You can notice your body, seated, wherever you’re seated
Feeling the weight of your body, on the chair, on the floor
And take a few deep breaths
And as you take a deep breath
Bring in more oxygen and livening the body

And as you exhale
Have a sense of relaxing more deeply
You can notice your feet on the floor
Notice the sensation of your feet touching the floor
The weight and pressure, vibration, heat

You can notice your legs against the chair
Pressure, pulsing, heaviness, lightness
Notice your back against the chair
Bring your attention into your stomach area
If your stomach is tense or tight, let it soften
Take a breath

Notice your hands
Are your hands tense or tight?
See if you can allow them to soften
Notice your arms
Feel any sensation in your arms
Let your shoulders be soft
Notice your neck and throat
Let them be soft, relaxed
Soften your jaw
Let your face and facial muscles be soft

Then notice your whole body present
Take one more breath
Be aware of your whole body, as best you can
Take a breath
And then when you’re ready
You can open your eyes

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