Breath, Sound, Body Meditation

So you can find your meditation posture
Sitting in a way that’s neither too tight nor too relaxed
But comfortable and upright

Then notice your body from the inside
Noticing the shape and the weight and the touch
And areas you make contact with the floor or the chair

Then you can focus on your breathing
Feeling your breath
In the area of either the abdomen, chest, or nostrils
Feeling the gentle rising and falling of your abdomen or chest
Or the coolness and in and out sensations at your nostrils

So the breath is our anchor
It’s where we establish our awareness
It helps us have something to always return to

This simple act of breathing
Now you might notice that other things pull your attention away from the breath
And that might be sound

So right now, just for a moment
Bring your attention to the sounds
Inside the room
Or outside the room
Simply listening

They might be pleasant sounds, unpleasant sounds
Listen to them with curiosity and interest
Noticing them coming and going
Without getting caught up in a story about what that sound is or why it’s there

Simply listening
Can also notice the sound of silence
And now letting go of this hearing

The listening
Bring your attention into your body
And notice if there are body sensations
To be aware of

There might be pressure or tightness
Or movement or vibration
Or heat or cold
Or tingling

Notice which sensations call out to you
And let your attention go to them
It might be a very strong and obvious sensation
There might be a soft or subtle sensation

You might notice yourself jumping from sensation to sensation
Or there may be one that grabs your attention and holds it
Particularly if it’s unpleasant

You might notice it
Is it growing or shrinking?
Does is pulse or throb
Just notice with curiosity

Similarly not making up a whole story about the experience
Just being directly with the sensations in your body
So now return to your breathing
Finding your breath
And as you continue on in this meditation
You’ll stay with your breath one breath at a time

If you notice yourself lost in thoughts you can say “thinking”
Or “wandering”
And then redirect your attention
Returning back to the breathing

Now if you find a sound
Or a body sensation
Become so obvious, strong
That you can’t, any longer, stay with the breath
Because it pulls your attention away
Then let yourself let go of the breath
And focus on the body sensation
Or sound

Listen to it or feel it
Until it no longer holds your attention
Or it’s stopped
At that point go back to the breathing
Returning to the simplicity of your anchor
The breath
We’ll try this for a few minutes in silence

Now once again notice your whole body sitting here
Tuning into the shape
The posture
The movement
Let yourself relax
And you can wish yourself well

May I be happy and at ease
May I be free from stress and anxiety
May I be peaceful
And let yourself consider the possibility
Of finding peace and ease

[bell ring]

  • I can see that this will take consistency. Thank you for these free classes. Nice calming voice and reminding us to be kind to ourselves when our mind wanders..

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