Body and Sound Meditation

Begin this meditation by noticing the posture that you’re in
You may be standing or sitting or lying down
Notice your body exactly as it is
And see if you can tune into any sensations that are present to you in your body in this moment

There might be heaviness or lightness
Pressure, weight
There might be vibration, pulsating, movement, warmth, coolness,
These sensations can be anywhere in your body
And all you have to do is notice them
Notice what’s happening with curiosity and interest

Take a breath
As you breathe, relax
Not much to do except be fully present and aware
Now let go of the body’s sensations
And turn your attention to the sounds
Inside or outside the room

There may be all sorts of sounds happening
Loud sounds, quiet sounds
You can also notice the silence between the sounds
But the sounds are coming and going
Notice them coming and going

One tendency of our mind is to want to think about the sounds
To start to make up a story about the sound
Or we have a reaction to it: I like it, I don’t like it
See if instead, you can simply listen to the sound
Notice it with curiosity and interest
The sounds are coming and going

Now once again, notice your body standing, present
Or seated or lying down
Notice any body sensations that are obvious to you
Take another breath
And when you’re ready
You can open your eyes

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