Day 24: Leading With Purpose


Let's begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position (2 seconds). You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open allowing the spine to lift, the shoulders to soften (10 seconds).

Today we will explore leading with purpose (5 seconds).

Regardless of your position, whether in an organization or a family you are called on to lead at some point.

The best leaders have a sense of clarity and purpose and how they engage with the world and in how they lead others (2 seconds).
They connect with people in a very human level (10 seconds).

Begin by taking a full breath in (2 seconds)
and a long breath out (10 seconds).
Letting your attention rest on the breath (15 seconds).

I’m now going to ask you a series of questions but instead of thinking about the questions or coming up with responses, I want you to allow the questions to just sink in like pebbles being dropped into a still pond and I want you to be sensitive to any ripples that you notice (10 seconds).

As a leader what is most important to you? (20 seconds).
What are you aiming to achieve as a leader? (20 seconds).

As I ask these questions, just noticing the thoughts, feelings, and images that come to mind (2 seconds) as you breathe in and as you breathe out (15 seconds).

What are the values that guide you (30 seconds).
What may be preventing you from living your values each day? (30 seconds)

Now continue breathing in and breathing out (5 seconds)
bringing attention to your body (2 seconds),
noticing if the mind is wandering (2 seconds)
or if its attaching to any particular thoughts or feelings that arise (20 seconds).
Now imagine yourself leading with purpose (5 seconds).

What does that feel like? (40 seconds)
And now as we begin to re-emerge from this reflection,
notice how you feel in body and mind (10 seconds)
Finishing with a full deep breath in (2 seconds)
and a long breath out (5 seconds)

*ding* (15 seconds).

Integrated Practice:

Write for 2 full minutes for each journaling prompt below. Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect.

Journaling Prompts:

1. The contributions I most want to make to the world are...
2. Some ideas I have for sharing this with others around me are…


Aligning with Your Purpose (Mindfulness Worksheet)

  • Thank you for getting me more prepared to lead with purpose. I hope to be successful in my endeavors to achieve my goal.

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