Day 11: Integrated Body Scan


Let's begin by taking a moment to settle your body into a comfortable position (2 seconds). You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open with a soft focus looking downward a few feet in front of you (2 seconds).

Allow your spine to lift and your shoulders to soften (2 seconds).

Today we will practice a body scan (2 seconds).
Taking a full breath in (2 seconds) and a long slow breath out (2 seconds).

Bring gentle awareness to the breathing (2 seconds). Notice the in breath (2 seconds) and out breath (2 seconds) and spaces in between (10 seconds).

Bring attention to the top of your head, notice sensations or lack of sensations (2 seconds). Move your attention down to the back of your head, the sides (2 seconds), to your forehead (2 seconds), and face (5 seconds).

Move your attention to your neck (2 seconds), and your throat (2 seconds), and now shoulders. Noticing what sensations you are aware of. Shift attention to your arms, upper arms, lower arms (2 seconds), your hands (2 seconds), and fingers (2 seconds).

Bring your attention to your back, upper back (2 seconds), down to the middle (2 seconds), and down farther to your lower back (10 seconds). Bring your attention to your chest, and now slowly down to your abdomen (5 seconds) .

Notice the way your body moves with each breath (5 seconds) . Notice your legs and your thighs (2 seconds) and maybe the sensation where your legs wrest on your chair. Move down to your knees, and calves.

Now down to your ankles (2 seconds), feet (2 seconds), and toes (2 seconds). Notice what it feels like for your feet to touch the floor.

Now bring attention to your entire body from the top of your head all the way to your feet (2 seconds). Just notice the whole body (2 seconds). 

Bring awareness to what it is like to be sitting here right now (2 seconds).Finish with a full deep breath in and a long slow breath out (5 seconds).

Slowly bring your attention back to the world around you, open your eyes gently, allow your body to move a little to see what it feels like (2 seconds).

See if you can bring this connection to your body and to whatever you do next or throughout the day (5 seconds) *ding* (15 seconds).

Integrated Practice:

In your next meeting or conversation with someone today, try listening mindfully while also putting some attention on your body language & your breathing.

Reflection Questions:

How does the way you use your body impact how you feel?
How others respond? How does attention on your body language and breathing impact your communication?


Witnessing the Body (Mindfulness Worksheet)

  • I’m very expressive in my communication. I use my hand when I talk, show a lot of emotion on my face, generally wear my heart on my sleeve. Typically I find people’s reactions polarizing. There are some who really engage with me and others who seem to be uncomfortable with my expression.

  • I’m honestly not the best at paying attention to my body during the day. The few times that I do acknowledge it, it’s more a sense of bewilderment – ‘that’s what my body automatically goes to?’ or similar. I’ll see how that develops.

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