Day 1: One Complete Cycle of Breath


Let’s begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle.
Find a comfortable position that allows your spine to be long
but with a natural curve in the low back.

You can close your eyes or keep them open
with a soft gaze downward
with your feet in front of you,
let the belly and the shoulders relax.

Today I will guide you through a one complete cycle of breath practice.
Before we start, take a full breath in (2 seconds)
and a long breath out (2 seconds).

Now allow the breath to find its natural rhythm.
In and out (5 seconds).

I will share the instructions and when the time is right,
you can apply them to bring your full attention to one complete cycle of breath.

First, notice when the inhale begins,
how it continues,
and when it ends (2 seconds).

Then, notice when the exhale begins,
how it continues,
when it ends,
and whether their is a brief pause before the inhale begins again (5 seconds).

On the next inhale and exhale,
use your full attention like this,
the follow of one complete cycle of breath completing this practice. (3 seconds)

One Complete Cycle of Breath

Integrated Practice:

Complete a ‘One Complete Cycle of Breath’ practice before a meeting or spending time with someone today.

Reflection Questions:

How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath?
How does this practice impact your state of mind?


Breath Awareness Meditation (Mindfulness Worksheet)

  • It’s as easy as breathing but we don’t take the time to breathe a full breathe in and release it back out. We get onions s hurry up and rush. I’m excited about these exercises.

  • I am truly grateful for this free Mindfulness Course. I look forward to completing the course as I know it will help me to hone my own practice skills and pass them on to others.
    Namaste, Helani

  • What I felt is a calmness, which cannot be described after completing the cycle. At the beginning, I could not understand if I am breathing at all or not, felt a kind of stiffness, then after few seconds I felt I am breathing only through my right nostril.

  • Thank you for this!!! I started this today and I am planning to put aside time everyday to complete the course. Thank you so much once again!!!

  • Relaxing . I have been meditating for approx 2 years now but I have recognised that over the past few months my jaw is very tense and I have to keep reminding myself to relax it . Weird

  • Wonderful so thankful
    Plus was amazed when you knew when I was engaged intuitive blessing to you yes yes perfect timing

  • I started it today. It’s just so simple and well stated. I’m into it and waiting to see my growth in mindful breathing. Thanks Sean for this new and free course. You have given us so much valuable guidance in the form of notes, works sheets and audios

  • Totally awesome .. just did first day . Looking forward to continuing the whole thing .. Thank you

  • Made me take the time to breath before getting ready to start my day. Thank you…..I feel rejuvenated!!!! Looking forward to daily lessons.

  • It’s kind of crazy that we can’t stop and take the time to notice our breathing during the course of the day. So beneficial to bring us back to the ‘now’.

  • I was a heavy smoker, 3 packs a day and quit cold turkey 5 months ago. when smoking you take deep breaths as you inhale but as a non smoker I find myself holding my breath so this will allow me to learn to breath again and relax. I’m also experience much anxiety so this course should help me. thank you for offering a the course free of charge.

  • I have completed a few mindfulness courses and it’s a great way to unwind , it truly does give your racing mind a rest.

  • Thank you very much for guiding us through this process! Something so basic and such a blessing at the same time, but unfortunately many of us take for granted… Looking forward to the next days! Love, blessings & gratitude, Sheyla

  • I did this right after work and I could feel myself relaxing as the exercise went on. I came out of the exercise rested but alert as well. Thank you!

  • 1.) it feels relaxing and makes you feel calm, your state of mind becomes more aware of things around you.

  • Thank you.
    Yes we normally just take for granted breathing.To be mindful of it and feeling the sensation of how it made me relaxed and aware is great start. Feel I’m going to benefit.

  • I started this challenge 5 days ago, but I am still figuring out how to navigate the website.

    It was challenging to focus completely on one breath, and I tried it several times.

    I also found that I really enjoy breathing– the sense of the air filling my lungs, and the rising and falling of the chest and belly brings a sense of calm and happiness.



  • I’m grateful for the simple questions, “So far today, have you brought kind awareness to your…?” After about 5 minutes into the meditation I felt a confluence of emotions and sensations–tension in my neck, relaxation in my shoulders, I felt like weeping, and sleeping. I was so aware of the level of judgement directed to these emotions and sensations. Bringing kind awareness seems to be a good way not get caught in the cycle of judgement. If anyone has some tips or pointers, I would love to hear them. Peace & Love

  • Just found this and loved my first day with the breathing exercise. Hope I can find you again tomorrow – Thank you for sharing this

  • It was so relaxing. Felt the expansion and contraction. Felt the exhale to be longer than the inhale.
    Total calm

  • I am so excited to be sharing this challenge with my group for the next 28 days I look forward to sharing the outcome. Thank you for this.

  • To actually take the time to stop and just breath is something I’m not use to so when doing the exercise I realised how peaceful it made me feel

  • Breathing makes me feel so fabulous. It helps me relax. This is a great exercise. I also tried to breathe to a count of 4 seconds in and out, as well as 2 seconds in and out.

  • I found this really relaxing. I was feeling a bit stressed beforehand and actually thought it wasn’t a good time because I wouldn’t be able to get ‘into it’. I realise now that it was probably the best time and I’m feeling much more calm!

  • No matter how many times I do a simple breathing meditation such as this, I am always struck by how calming and centering it feels. Now, if I can just sustain the focus and determination to continue doing this and other meditations on a regular basis.

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