Giovanni Dienstmann, Giovanni Dienstmann

Giovanni Dienstmann is an international author, meditation teacher, coach and speaker.

He’s the creator of Live and Dare—the fifth most popular meditation blog on the planet—and author of the best-selling book Practical Meditation, which is available in seven different languages and has popularly been called “The Meditation Bible”.

His work focuses on taking you from anxious and stressed to calm, centered and focusedthrough the power of meditation. Thousands of people have taken his programs, and experienced the benefits.

His approach involves “translating” and “updating” the teachings and practices of wisdom traditions so that they are easily digestible for the 21st-century person. Meditation is one of these tools—but there is much more.

To take on this journey with him, become a member of the Limitless Life program. This will give you access to all his online courses, video lessons, private forum, and more.

Giovanni Dienstmann’s Mindfulness Meditations

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