2.2 – Guided Meditation – Mindful breathing

Hi, and welcome to our practice session on day two.
In this video, we'll be going over how to practice mindful breathing.

So, go ahead and find a comfortable seat, and when you found your seat, just allow your eyes to close. 

And, if you prefer to keep your eyes open, you can just have a soft gaze pointed towards the ground. We can begin with just a few deep breaths, setting up this good foundation.

So, breathing in deeply, and breathing out slowly.

Let's do that one more time, really relaxing the shoulders on the out breath. So, breathing in deeply, and breathing out slowly.

And, from here, you can just allow your breath to return to its natural rhythm.

So, there's no need to control the breath in any way, but just allowing the body to breath itself. Allowing that natural rhythm of the body to take over.

And just as we learned in the first session, setting up this good foundation,
so giving ourselves permission to just be here,
without having anything to do,
without having to go anywhere,
or achieve anything,
and just allowing the body and the mind to rest.

Keeping the spine lengthened, but relaxing the shoulders.
Relaxing the muscles in the face and the jaw.
Relaxing the neck.

Just noticing if there are any areas of tension or tightness, and seeing if you can soften those areas.

As you continue to allow your body to breathe naturally, and from this place of stillness, in this place of relaxation, you can bring your awareness onto the feeling of the breath in the body.

So, just notice, where do you feel the breath the most in the body?

Where can you notice any physical sensations of movement in the body?

You might notice the rising and falling of the belly.

You might bring your attention to the expansion and contraction of the chest,
or perhaps you'll notice some feeling of the air, as it passes through the nostrils.

Just, noticing where you feel the breath the most, seeing if you can connect with the raw physical sensations.

Just, noticing the texture of the breath, without judging it as good or bad, but just observing.

You might notice the whole movement of the breath as it comes in through the nostrils, and down the throat, and, as the belly expands.

And then, on the outbreath as the belly contracts, and the air gets pushed up through the lungs, out the throat, and out the nostrils.

And, see if you can follow the movement of the breath.
You can either pick a single spot and see how the breath changes in that spot over time, or follow through the different places in the body.

Just stay connected to the present moment.
And then, to end this meditation, we can go ahead and take a deep breath in,
and a deep breath out.

And, in your own time, allow your eyes to open, again taking in the room around you, just noticing your environment.

Checking in with your feelings and emotions, seeing if you notice any calm or relaxation.

If you need to take another deep breath, feel free to do so.
And, that's it for day two.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for day three,
where we'll be working with the mind that wanders away.

I'll see you then.

  • The idea of following the movement of my breath was new , i have always practiced being aware of sensation of breath a particular part of my body- nostril, chest belly. I would inculcate this new concept of following the movement of breath .Thank you for this wonderful course.

  • Observing the texture, colour and over all beauty of Dhalia flowers and Rose Flowers transported me to another world

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