12.2 Guided Meditation – Noticing Doubt in the Mind

Hello, and welcome to our guided meditation practice for day 12.

Today, we're going to be working with doubt and self-judgment, and we're just going to be noticing when these arise, labeling them, and then gently bringing our attention back.

So, when you're ready, go ahead and close your eyes. Allow yourself to settle into your seat or your cushion.

If you wish to start with a few deep breaths, you can do so.
Breathing in deeply, and breathing out slowly.

And doing one more deep breath just at your own pace.
And today we're going to be specifically working with doubt in our practice.

Noticing when doubt arises.

Just giving it a label and allowing it to be there. There's no need to push it away or fight against it.

We just want to notice when it's there.
So, whenever you notice a doubt whether it's self-doubt or doubting the practice or doubting someone else, just label it, “Ahhh, there’s doubt.”

And then bring your attention back to the breath or back to the body.

And if you would like to set an intention for equanimity for this practice just setting that intention to remain calm when observing what arises to see if you can just notice what happens without reacting.

Giving yourself these few minutes to get to know your experience.
Practicing the labeling technique of just quietly in your mind saying the word “rising” with every in breath and the word “falling” with every out breath.

Seeing if you can bring most of your attention to the physical sensation and just have those words be very soft in the background.

And as always when you notice that your mind has gotten lost in thought, gently coming back without any self-judgment or self-criticism.

Whatever is pulling at your attention right now, just allow your awareness to go there.

Practicing your mindful observation of anything that arises; a sound, a body sensation, pain, emotions, just noticing what is arising in this moment, practicing your non-judgemental awareness.

And if you notice doubt arising, doubting what you should be doing, doubting and practice, doubting your own abilities, just notice it, give it a label.
“Ahhh, there’s doubt again.”

When you notice your mind has gotten lost in thought,
just check and see what kind of thought is this.
And you can give that a label.

Just make the label very simple like planning, remembering, just giving a soft label.
And then reconnecting with the present moment.

And thanking yourself for coming and sitting on the cushion or in the chair, knowing how beneficial meditation is for your mental health.

Just congratulating yourself for taking your time out of your day to do this.

To end this meditation, we can take a deep breath in,
breathing in, and breathing out.

In your own time gently allowing your eyes to open.
Coming back to your senses.

So, great work. We’re just two days away from the end of the course.
So, you're almost there.

Keep up the good work and I'll see you back here tomorrow for a day 13.


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