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After the Program

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  • Thaks to All in the team,
    This was very helpful for me as-it help me change and think for the best of all…
    Kind regards

  • Thanks Professor

    Chade-Meng Tan

    My name is Paulo Cidade, I am living in brazil!
    Thank you so much for making this course available on the internet, because as a teacher is very expensive this course here in Brazil, I say, the course is not expensive but the teacher salary is low!
    I would like more knowledge and how I can multiply this course in Brazil, especially for low-income school teachers and try to improve our planet more.
    I am a teacher of Yoga and meditation and I have free groups in Brazil. I am a Engeenering teacher in University program!
    We have this course in Portuguese? If we do not have how we could translate it so that more people can enjoy and multiply this rich knowledge?
    Thanks again!
    You’re not the Google guy anymore, you’re the Planet guy!

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