Course Outline

Hello and welcome. This is an overview of Mindful Eating: A Practice, which is a four-class series.

Class 1: Mindfulness

(2 videos: Jon Kabat-Zinn: non-judging, Kristin Neff: self-compassion)

  • Introduce mindfulness – heartfulness – compassion – non-judgement
  • Simple mindful practice; arriving
  • Not a diet, addresses the reasons we eat – physical, emotional, environmental
  • Why we eat: physical cues, external triggers, internal triggers
  • Mindful Exercise: Scanning your inner territory: physical, mental, mood
  • T>F>A>R (thoughts> feelings > actions > results)
  • Homework – journaling & mindful exercises – (share homework in the next class)

Class 2: Hunger

(2 video: Eve Lahijani - Trust Your Hunger, two Wolves , S.Salzberg)

  • Breathing Practice: feeling, counting breaths coming into the body resting the mind
  • Key points of mindfulness
  • Review homework – show & tell
  • Video “Trust Your Hunger”
  • Discuss physical hunger
  • Use the Hunger-Fullness scale
  • When not hungry – what are your choices – what else can you do to meet true needs
  • T>F>A>R – reframing your thoughts
  • Homework – journaling, and bring food to share

​Class 3: Mindful Feast – Intention & Attention

(1 video: Shauna Shapiro: intention, attention, and attitude)

  • Review homework
  • 3 questions: what do I want?, what do I need?, what do I have?
  • Body/Mind/Heart Scan: hunger/fullness – want & need
  • Intention – What you want & How much you want to eat
  • Attention – How & How much you eat – create a “speed bump”
  • Share a mindful meal: savor the flavors & the social time
  • Homework – journaling, practice eating with intention & attention (mindfully)

​Class 4: Your Mindful Journey

  • Review homework
  • Guided Journey: heart’s desire, your intention
  • Your vision of a life lived well
  • Where will you spend your energy
  • How does being mindful benefit you
  • What/who will support you as you continue your practice
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