Chapter 1: What is Mindfulness Exactly?

  • So far, so good, 🙂 I was listening to the speaker and reading the script and realized that they were both not per verbatim. Getting used to the flow.

  • What a lovely way to call myself present this snowy Sunday morning. I have two questions: Can you clarify the difference between “declaring an intention in the moment” and “choosing what to place your awareness on” (with your intention as a guide) versus “being fully present to everything in the moment?”
    Second question: How does one distinguish between “calling oneself present from doing” versus suppressing movement taking place within that needs expressing? In particular, when emotions become uncomfortable, one can dissipate the energetic within and avoid the discomfort. Where if they had been present to the movement, they might discover what is being communicated.
    Maybe these are questions for Thursday’s 9am meeting?

  • I am glad I am finally doing this. I already teach this and you have been marketing to me for years, but I wanted to certify in this since I am starting a TV show and my co host wanted me to put a segment on healing on the show. I agreed. I already have a mindfulness group on FB that organically grew to over 1000 people with no ads- just reposts of content. I have been asked to start a You Tube Channel of recorded meditations many times, but especially with Clubhouse..I keep getting asked to record and post mediations. I teach money and Think and Grow Rich and this is part of my research into creating space in ones own mind and life for change.

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