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Restoring Confidence When Negatively Impacted

More Meditation Scripts Restoring Confidence When Negatively Impacted Restoring Confidence When Negatively Impacted. Trauma & deep internal challenges can leave its mark on confidence.

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Giving Yourself Care Through Physical Touch

More Meditation Scripts Giving Yourself Care Through Physical Touch Giving yourself care through physical touch is a guided meditation script that promotes self-love and compassion. Hands

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Beginning Our Day, Volume 1

Here Is Your Free Ebook: Preface “Beginning our day . . .” These quintessential words are spoken by Luang Parenting order Pasanno before he begins each of his morning reflections. Five days a week,

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Re-Awaken The Giant Within

Here Is Your Free Ebook: Dreams of Destiny: A Special Message From Anthony Robbins  We all have dreams…We all want to believe deep down in our souls that we have a special gift, that we

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Mountain Meditation

The Mountain Meditation is designed to cultivate stillness and calm and to connect with our inner strength and stability in the face of challenges.To begin this Mindfulness Exercise about Mountain Meditation,

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Two-Minute Meditation

This two-minute meditation is a good mindfulness practice to quickly restore calm & confidence within you. It returns you back to your peace amidst anxiety. Take a little moment to restore

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9 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter

Smarter hobby? There are many hobbies that will stimulate your brain without draining your energy. Improve your intelligence by doing the things you love.When we think of ways to challenge our minds, we

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