, Mindfulness Sales Program

Expand Your Impact and Grow

Your Meaningful Career with the Mindfulness Sales Program

Discover the Step-by-Step Process for Confidently Selling Your Mindfulness Programs to Corporate Clients

, Mindfulness Sales Program
, Mindfulness Sales Program
, Mindfulness Sales Program
, Mindfulness Sales Program
, Mindfulness Sales Program

You already know that mindfulness can profoundly change people’s lives and the world, and you’re committed to sharing that positive impact through your mindfulness teachings…

…but what if you could reach more people and create even more impact — while also growing a thriving, profitable, mission-driven business?

In the Mindfulness Sales Masterclass, you’ll learn the step-by-step process for making consistent sales of your mindfulness programs to businesses and organizations — so you can become a force in revolutionizing the workplace while creating more fulfilling career opportunities and financial stability for yourself.

With the guidance of a mindfulness sales expert, you’ll gain the skills, strategies, and mindset shifts necessary to position and sell mindfulness programs to corporate clients while maintaining the full integrity and authenticity of your teachings.

You’ll learn to align your mindfulness programs with the unique needs and challenges of modern businesses, and you’ll tap into the confidence to navigate the entire sales process — from finding the most qualified potential clients to closing deals.

, Mindfulness Sales Program

In this training, you’ll:

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Build a confident sales mindset:

Understand and address any mental blocks you may have around selling and replace them with a positive mindset that empowers you and builds momentum for your business.

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Develop an Understanding of Corporate Needs:

Learn how to align your programs with the specific needs and challenges of modern businesses so you can feel confident about selling mindfulness offerings that resonate with potential clients.

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Gain Mastery of the Sales Process:

You’ll learn a distinct process that you can follow again and again to make consistent sales — we’ll cover the entire sales cycle from prospecting to pitching, ongoing selling, negotiating, and closing deals. You’ll walk away with everything you need to know to begin selling your programs immediately.

This online course is designed to address common challenges faced by mindfulness teachers who want to sell their programs while staying true to their mission and values.

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, Mindfulness Sales Program
, Mindfulness Sales Program

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You aren't sure where to get started in selling your mindfulness teachings.
  • You are worried that sales will be icky, manipulative, self-serving, or out of alignment.
  • You aren’t clear on how to position or talk about your offerings in a way that resonates with potential clients.
  • You’ve had a few prospect calls but things seemed to "fizzle out" after that.
  • You are feeling unsure about how to price things and negotiate terms with potential clients.
  • You think you don’t have the skills to lead sales calls or navigate the sales process effectively.

Here’s How You’ll Develop

Your Mindful Sales Skills Step-by-step:

Introduction - Developing Your Sales Mindset

You’ll start the course by developing your sales mindset — driven by a mindful, authentic approach — and begin to understand the sales environment.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to drop any mental blocks you have toward selling in a corporate environment — and embrace positive mindset frameworks to move forward with confidence and authenticity.
  • Deeply connect with your intention and develop an intention-based mindset so you can enter into the sales process with ease and purpose.
  • Start to develop an understanding of the corporate sales environment including learning about B2B selling, business roles, sales lingo, and what to expect when you are getting started.

Creating a Well-Tuned Sales Machine - Sales Tools and Organization

Learn how to set up your sales process efficiently — leveraging critical tools and methods that will set you up for success, so you can spend less time selling and more time teaching.

Prospecting - How to Find & Reach Out to Potential Corporate Clients

In module 3, you’ll discover strategies for finding the right kind of corporate clients and starting the conversation about your mindfulness teaching programs.

Pitching - How to Develop Great Client Relationships and Make Sales with Ease

In module 4, you’ll discover the buyer’s journey and how to turn your leads into clients — starting with building great rapport and on-point messaging that will help make the client an easy ‘yes.’

Conquering Sales Hurdles - Overcoming Pricing Anxiety and Negotiating Objections

Pricing can often be a sticking point — for the teacher and the potential client alike. To overcome pricing and negotiation anxieties, module six will equip you with a toolbox of helpful skills and techniques.

Closing - Maintaining Momentum and Closing the Sale

In module six, you’ll learn the skills to keep your sales process on track and maintain momentum — so you can make the sale with as little friction as possible.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Six On-demand Video Modules to Master the Mindfulness Sales Process

Get started right away with this on-demand course and follow along at your own pace as you begin to master the mindfulness sales process. Return to any module at your convenience to revisit practices, re-watch lessons, and refer back when you encounter real-life sales questions and hurdles.

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Monthly live Q&A calls with Mindfulness Sales Expert Danny Grieco

Get your burning questions answered live with monthly Q&A Sessions with your teacher and Mindfulness Sales Expert, Danny Grieco. Danny will coach students through real-life scenarios and answer questions that come up as they navigate the sales process on their own. All Q&A calls will be recorded and posted to watch later on-demand.

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Content Library of Additional Practices and Learning Materials

Each module will include additional learning material to help you internalize the sales process and navigate common pitfalls. Each module’s learning materials are carefully curated for you to get the most out of your learning experience — and may include videos, practices, worksheets, templates, references, and more.

, Mindfulness Sales Program

About Your Guide, Mindfulness Sales Expert Danny Grieco

Danny Grieco is a mindfulness teacher and sales expert with over 12 years of experience as a salesperson and 5 years as a sales trainer.

With his extensive background in both mindfulness and sales, he brings a unique perspective to the table.

Danny has worked for startups and Fortune 500 companies, successfully selling in almost every industry, and has trained hundreds of mindfulness teachers and startup founders in the art of corporate sales. His instruction is engaging, fun, and instantly applicable.

Don't take our word for it…

This Sales Masterclass has already been delivered to 100+ mindfulness teachers and has received an enthusiastic rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Here's what some of our participants have to say:

, Mindfulness Sales Program

I would be fumbling in the dark without the flashlight you provided. I feel profoundly lucky to have been a part of yet another wonderful learning experience with our community.

— Stacey Crowley

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Thanks so much for an amazing class! All of the content has been so helpful. Just did about 10 new outreaches and 10 follow-ups… 5 calls already scheduled! 🙌

— Jakey Toor

, Mindfulness Sales Program

For once I felt like I was in control, which actually meant that I was far more relaxed and I think therefore came across as not trying to be in control at all. (this part is the best part for me… it felt good to have the meeting, yippeeee).

— Emma Carberry

To ensure your success, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you try our Sales Masterclass and don’t feel that it helped you, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund —  no questions asked.

, Mindfulness Sales Program



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, Mindfulness Sales Program

A Perfect Opportunity to Uplevel (or Begin)

Your Mindfulness Teaching Business…

, Mindfulness Sales Program

Join our Sales Masterclass today and tap into a wealth of knowledge from our experienced instructor, Danny Grieco. Danny has helped hundreds of mindfulness teachers like you successfully sell their programs. His expertise, practical insights, and engaging teaching style provide an incredible opportunity for you to uplevel — or start — your mindfulness teaching business.

Aspiring and established mindfulness teachers have already experienced incredible results from our Sales Masterclass. Gain the skills and confidence to overcome common sales challenges, negotiate effectively, and showcase the unique value of the programs you offer. Step into your role as a leader in the mindfulness movement and create lasting change within corporations and beyond.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your impact and contribute to a more mindful world. Enroll in our Sales Masterclass today and unlock your full potential as a mindfulness teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course applicable if I currently work at a company and am trying to get them to do a mindfulness program with me?

Yes, it is! You are still running a "sales cycle" within your company. Although there are a few less applicable sections in the course, you can focus on the relevant ones that will help you succeed in your current situation.

Is this course applicable if my focus is more on signing up my own individual coaching clients?

Absolutely! The skills and principles taught in this course apply to running a full "sales cycle" with each individual client. While the course may not cover personal branding aspects commonly associated with one-on-one coaching, you'll still gain valuable knowledge to enhance your sales process.

If you're ready to take

your mindfulness teaching to the next level

And confidently sell your programs to corporate clients, join our Sales Masterclass today. Together, let's spread the power of mindfulness to workplaces and beyond.

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, Mindfulness Sales Program
, Mindfulness Sales Program

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