Mindfulness Teacher Training

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About this course

There is an increasing demand for new certified mindfulness teachers around the world. More and more people are struggling with increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, grief and trauma. Attention spans are decreasing, while judgments are rising. 

Millions of people are beginning to learn about the positive benefits of mindfulness, but they don't know how to find a certified teacher. 

Even though mindfulness is spreading online, we're lacking certified teachers to teach it in companies, healthcare facilities, yoga studios, coaching environments, schools, and specialized online programs. This is why I created this certification program, and it's also why the world needs more mindfulness teachers who have experienced the benefits of mindfulness first-hand.

This program will support you to teach mindfulness with confidence.

Many students of this program either

a.) doubt their own worthiness to teach mindfulness,

b.) worry about what other people will think of them if they teach mindfulness, or

c.) fear their own success if they prosper teaching mindfulness. 

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