How To Work With Painful Emotions

Are you feeling hurt right now? Learn how to deal with painful emotions with this meditation class. Experience freedom from painful emotions today.

This is a mindfulness teaching on working with difficult and painful emotions. It’s about learning how to meditate while working with anger, fear, sorrow and anxiety.

As we attempt to incorporate mindfulness into our lives on a daily basis, there are a number of approaches we might take. You can browse through our collection of thousands of mindfulness exercises, talks, videos, music, guided meditations, and more: each represents a particular tool that you might make use of as you embark on the path to a more mindful way of living.

Some mindfulness exercises aim to help you be more mindful in common, simple, day to day activities. For example, you might work on eating mindfully as a means of increasing your awareness, focus, and appreciation when engaging in common, run of the mill habits (like preparing and eating a meal). Or, you might choose to focus on how to incorporate mindful leadership into your way of being on the job. After all, you don’t have to confine your attempts at mindful practice to your personal and home life: it’s quite possible to make mindfulness a part of your work life, too.

In addition to these approaches to achieving a more mindful daily existence, it can also be helpful to partake in a variety of guided mindfulness meditations. By participating in guided meditation, we can calm our minds, focus our energy and attention, and begin to settle into the present moment with greater acuity and awareness.

This guided gratitude meditation will do just that. In particular, you’ll practice achieving and developing feelings of gratitude in your daily life. It’s not necessary to have something large and significant happen to you in order to practice gratitude. On the contrary, it’s important to cultivate feelings of gratitude for the simplest and most mundane aspects of our lives. We spend most of our lives in common, so-called “average” experience; and, by cultivating a greater appreciation of these “normal” moments and feeling grateful for them, we begin to live more fully in the present.

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