The Knower of the World [Audio]

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The Knower of the World by Ayya Anandabodhi:

Some people, struggling with burden and doubt, and restlessness. Some, working to an intense material having breakthroughs. Some, struggling why not ___, but they keep on going. Some, opening into very beautiful states of love and compassion. Some sitting with painful body. So, these are the worlds that are going on within the context of the stillness of this retreat, because of your inner experience is intense, and the elsewhere experience that is looking at you is peaceful, which is true.

Is it that we’re not really using the real picture? We’re using what is not true? What is it that you’re not in the picture? So, in the practice, anyway, we’re learning to be the breather, he’s knowing the world that’s within and without. So, during this retreat, I’m sure, many worlds are in the reason of – in ceased already. And in our inner experience. And some of them, may got very involved with, very identified with. And many others maybe you’ve come and go, and we’ve only gotten ___.

So, the awakened one that’s within us, which is awake already, is the – of all—knows these things, knows the rising, the experience, knows if there’s grasping, if there’s aversion, if there’s fear, if there’s delusion, if there’s openness, if there’s insight, and there’s the change, the inevitability comes.

So, the know of the worlds come allow these different experiences to come into consciousness. I’m already speaking with what I have – alter world as well, probably more than any other retreat that I’ve been a part on. So, it’s important that we practice tonight, to some degree, tonight, that ___. On how we influence, on how we care the influence there.

Let us open to the inner world, inner worlds or the alter worlds. It’s not an easy thing to do, because we are that’s the one who feels weakness, the sensitive, ___ some space of -, and we don’t have to feel it. And there are places we can go, you can take it, you can take vacation. You don’t mean to – them. That -, but we can go into a more peaceful state, concentrated state, any meditation practice on how we believe from the materially of the worlds, the expectations of the worlds, the allure of the worlds.

And then, we come out from there again and hear the worlds arising. – happening, the worlds will keep on rising ___. So, I need to – right relationship with these many manifestations of mind. And the relationship, which is also. So, if we’re faced to fear, we become inevitably relate to our inner confused way. And that, however, ___ manipulative way.

But if we can trust the knowing – is a place of refuge. If we can allow that many experience the many states that arrives, both in our quiet meditation practice ending now, social relation, ___ once we step out into that. So, develop the strength of awareness. One who knows the worlds, ___ of the worlds. On – things as they are.

And so we get to know the quality of fear, what triggers it, how we relate to it. This is not about just enduring and – go away, because there’s aversion in that. – getting to know, allowing, feeling, reaching, and knowing that all things – change. Because we know that this will change, we don’t have to hurry along, we can learn from it, we can be a teacher.

So, ___ in using the dharma, we’re changing a lot of things. And in the -, the community, those who are kind into those awakening, even if it’s just a little -, a little interest. So, feeling this support as we sit together, of this – here in this room, and – connect within each of us that has already practiced, that has already had some insight, in this… enough faith to come to this retreat. Who’s gaining strength if we need to? Getting to know the many worlds that arise and cease. That cease and taking refuge and -, taking refuge in our community, support, but also within us, which is willing to do the work.

But it showed up. So, believe in there, arise, if we can remember those three refuges, ___ of knowing, understanding, the refuge of recognizing, that everything is changing. And because everything is changing, we don’t have to be afraid of it. Because we’re not fixed on ourselves. We can allow translations to happen. At sometimes, – is a bit missing. It’s scary.

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