Take Action In Your Life

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Are you stuck in analysis paralysis? Is there something you should be doing, but but you consistently find that you are not taking action? Here’s what to do to take action in your life:

How Can We Take Action?

Look Beyond Yourself and Serve.

Stop worrying if you’re good enough, ready enough, or getting everything perfect in order to start. Look beyond yourself and realize your taking action can help others – your family, your team, your business and community. Serve! The way to get out of your head is to get in motion serving other people.

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Take action to clarify your vision and work backward.

What does your ultimate outcome look like? What would you define as success? How will you know when you’ve reached your goal? Once you have that vision clear in your head, work backwards from that to define the process to accomplish it. You don’t have to know every step, just a step.

Take action to accomplish 3 things every day.

Just take three steps every day. If you don’t know where to start, try modeling others. What path did they follow? What are their habits? What do they seem to do every day or weekly?

Daily Practice.

If something is important to you, it needs to become a constant in your life. You need discipline and the willingness to show up every day and work towards it. Put it in your calendar and do something every day. The momentum of that will teach you to stop stalling.

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