4 Steps To Avoiding Overwhelm

4 big ideas for you on how to avoid being overwhelmed:

Start your day organized.  Randomness is the mother of overwhelm.  Don’t just wake up and plunge into the inbox, which starts your day in reaction versus strategy.  Wake, and before responding to anyone, plan the day ahead.  Know what you will focus on and you’ll feel more purposeful.

Transition well.  Take time to transition from one project to another.  Create time in between things to reset and to set an intention and timeline for the next activity.  No matter how awesome you are, your brain needs a break to bring back full focus and creativity.  Take a nap, meditate or go on a short walk between major activities.

Catch up.  At the end of each day, give yourself time to catch up on all the important things that need to be closed before bedtime.  Try a 30-minute catchup period right before or after dinner and make that time law – no matter what that’s your time to catch up and your family should know about it.

Be more mindful.  Develop the ability to deal with uncertainty and unforeseen chaos by meeting them with full awareness and choice to be the best you can be.  Look, life doesn’t get any more peaceful if you don’t.  Ask, “How can I meet the demands on my plate from a place of peace and enthusiasm?  How can I be grateful for what is put before me because I know it’s helping me grow.”

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