Setting Up “Triggers” to Sustain Habits

We are beings of habit, and they are what drive us to achieve our goals. Make use of their power and setting triggers to help you accomplish your desires.

When you have big goals, your habits are the wheels on the road to achievement. Without maintaining the right habits, it’s impossible to be a loving human, build your career, or create or contribute anything extraordinary. But how do you SUSTAIN habits?

I’ve spent my entire career helping high performers set up better strategies and habits to keep them energized, engaged and achieving their best. And the biggest secret I’ve learned in almost 20 years in this field is what I call “trigger moments.” Triggers are how you activate the power of habit.

In essence, trigger moments are cues that remind you to activate your intentions or habits.

It’s one thing to have the intention to be more kind, patient and loving with people; it’s quite another to set a reminder on your phone that triggers you into being that kind of person. It’s one thing to want to eat healthier, but another to set up a mental trigger that says, “Every time I drop off my kids at school, I immediately go to the gym or drive to the grocery store and buy fresh produce.” A trigger is a “when this thing happens, then I do or think that.”

For example, if you want to become more present and calm throughout the day, set up three phone alarms to go off throughout the day with a label that says, “Close your eyes, take ten deep breaths in, and remind yourself to be calm.” These reminders will trigger you to enact the new behavior.

Whatever you want to achieve in your life – better health, more energy, more clarity – set a trigger.

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