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Self Kindness - Part 1

Self Kindness - Part 1. Sometimes, it can be powerful to wrap your arms around yourself in a hug, imagining this love surrounding you.

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Sit in a comfortable place where you can move around a little bit if necessary.

Close your eyes for a few moments and focus on your breath. Allow your breathing to be as it is. Watch as your body settles into the present moment.

Think of your breath as a messenger, letting you know how you’re feeling in this moment, physically and emotionally. Allow whatever you find to simply be there along with you.

Notice the feeling of the breath, and if there’s a pause before you exhale.

Notice the sensation of breathing out.


Think of a loving presence. It could be a beloved family member, or a friend – one who is living, or one who has passed away. It could be a spiritual figure, like a teacher, the Dalai Lama, a minister, or a guide. For many people, it’s a pet. Dogs and cats are often great teachers of unconditional love.

It can also be an archetypal or god/goddess figure – Jesus, the Great Mother Goddess, the Buddha, Allah. Anyone who brings you a feeling of peace, of love, and of safety. Of being cared for. Of being accepted exactly as you are in this moment.

Self Kindness - Part 1

If no one comes to mind, you can also imagine what you would want to experience from a guide, mentor or loved one who loved you unconditionally. How would you feel in their presence? What would it be like to be wholly accepted and embraced for the person you are right now? To feel worthy, seen and cared for?

Once you feel even a tiny bit of this feeling, notice what it feels like. Is it warm? Is there a sense of light? Of energy? Does a color or texture arise? Whatever comes up for you, allow it to be there.

What words would you want this being to say to you, if they can speak? Some examples that might help:

“I love you no matter what.”

“You are worthy.”

“You’re doing your best.”

“You are enough.”

“I am always loving you.”

Place a hand on your heart and feel that sense of love and acceptance seeping into your body, the way heat from a hot water bottle or sunlight would flood you. If it helps, keep repeating their message to you.

You might also imagine this being putting one or both arms around you. Embracing you. Stroking your cheek. Sometimes, it can be powerful to wrap your arms around yourself in a hug, imagining this love surrounding you, loving every single aspect of you - including the ones you can’t accept.

If you find yourself struggling to embrace your whole self, see if you can embrace that fact, too. See if you can accept the feelings that can’t accept your feelings. Keep hugging yourself, floating in this presence of unconditional love and acceptance that exists for you, no matter what.

When you are ready to move on from this meditation, remember that this love is always accessible to us. There is always love there for us. Sometimes, we just forget to look.


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