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Reducing Depression With Somebody Else's Love

Reducing Depression with Someone Else's Love. This meditation makes use of visualizing a person of with great love for you to help you alleviate depression.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Reducing Depression With Someone Else’s Love” Guided Meditation Script:

I’ll share a mindfulness exercise that can help alleviate depression.

So if at any time
you experience any uncomfortable thoughts,
that it is normal.
Just redirect yourself back to your breath
Or the specific exercise instructions.

If overwhelming thoughts persist,
be sure to share them with your healthcare provider.

While uncommon, if you experience a psychiatric emergency,
please call your doctor, or dial 911 to get some support.

With that in mind,
Let’s begin by exploring how we can bring mindfulness
To depression.
As with all difficult emotions,
mindfulness will help you reconnect with your bodily sensations,
Where the trauma lives,
And connect it with the love that you already have inside you,
To help defuse blocked energy,
and integrate what’s happened to you
both cognitively and emotionally.

Once your self-soothing skills are in place,
This is easier to do.

Reducing Depression With Someone Else's Love

More and more
People find that directing their attention
To their bodies
And the sensations within
helps them to relax,
feel stronger,
and improve their sense of well-being.

It not only reduces depression,
but alleviates pain,
lowers anxiety,
and boosts the immune system,
to name just a few.

It begins by helping you
to relax,
and clear the mind.

it calls upon your senses
and awareness
to engage your embodied presence.

it encourages you to experience
a new way of being,
one with a strong sense of love, care, courage,
and self-compassion

One that feels fuller,
And engaged with each passing moment
Without getting caught in whatever has happened
in the past.

Should you notice
your mind wandering away from anything i ask you to do,
you can gently guide it back to what’s happening,
here and now
With gentle ease.

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