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Reducing Depression With Somebody Else's Love

Reducing Depression with Someone Else's Love. This meditation makes use of visualizing a person of with great love for you to help you alleviate depression.

I’ll share a mindfulness exercise that can help alleviate depression.

So if at any time
you experience any uncomfortable thoughts,
that it is normal.
Just redirect yourself back to your breath
Or the specific exercise instructions.

If overwhelming thoughts persist,
be sure to share them with your healthcare provider.

While uncommon, if you experience a psychiatric emergency,
please call your doctor, or dial 911 to get some support.

With that in mind,
Let’s begin by exploring how we can bring mindfulness
To depression.
As with all difficult emotions,
mindfulness will help you reconnect with your bodily sensations,
Where the trauma lives,
And connect it with the love that you already have inside you,
To help defuse blocked energy,
and integrate what’s happened to you
both cognitively and emotionally.

Once your self-soothing skills are in place,
This is easier to do.

More and more
People find that directing their attention
To their bodies
And the sensations within
helps them to relax,
feel stronger,
and improve their sense of well-being.

It not only reduces depression,
but alleviates pain,
lowers anxiety,
and boosts the immune system,
to name just a few.

It begins by helping you
to relax,
and clear the mind.

it calls upon your senses
and awareness
to engage your embodied presence.

it encourages you to experience
a new way of being,
one with a strong sense of love, care, courage,
and self-compassion

One that feels fuller,
And engaged with each passing moment
Without getting caught in whatever has happened
in the past.

Should you notice
your mind wandering away from anything i ask you to do,
you can gently guide it back to what’s happening,
here and now
With gentle ease.

So to begin this mindfulness exercise for depression,
see if you can position yourself
as comfortably as you can,
shifting your weight
so you’re allowing your body
to be fully supported
by you chair,
or your bed,
or whatever is supporting you.

Taking a couple of deep,
cleansing breathes,
inhale fully
And comfortably,
deep into the chest
And belly

In and out.

see if you can send the warm energy of your breath
to any part of your body
that’s tight
or heavy
and release the discomfort
with the exhale.

You can feel your breath
going to all the
tense or heavy places,
loosening and softening them.

See if you can feel the healing action
of the breath
with friendly
but detached awareness.

Any unwelcome thoughts
that come to mind,
those too can be sent out
with the breath,
released with the exhale
so that for just a moment
the mind is empty.

Allow any feelings
to just come up
and move through you,
seeing it
as a kind of necessary rinsing
that’s taking place.

Any emotions
that you sense
might be embedded in there,
those too are noted
and acknowledged
and sent out with the breath
so that you’re emotional self
can be still and quiet.

And now, picture someone who loves you
More than anyone else loves you.
They could be alive, or passed away...
It could be a parent, a child, a pet, a spiritual figure...
Someone who loves you unconditionally,
With strong feelings warmth
And care...

Reflect on their love for you,
And how they look at you...

See if you can feel their charge
Of powerful, loving energy
in your heart...

Warm pulsing waves
of nourishing,
soothing energy,
moving right through barriers
of dull, deadened space.

Melting away
any thick heavy fog in the body,
And the mind,
going straight to the core
of your energy,
releasing and awakening it
and feeling it begin to expand
all through your body,
charging and renewing
each and every cell.

Reducing Depression With Someone Else's Love

Feel your energy gather,
Getting stronger,
deep in your center.

The rich, vital supplies
of your own unique life force,
radiating strength and purpose
to every corner of your being.

You can breathe
more deeply and easily,
filling your whole body
with this generous,
healing energy.

Feeling its warmth
and aliveness,
send hope and comfort
to every part of you.

Breathing in
to touch it,
breathing out
to let it move through you.

Feel your body awaken,
feel the fog around you
dissolve and lift.

The dullness evaporating in your body,
the mind sharpening,
the senses coming alive

With each breath,
Breath, by breath,
Moment, by moment.

You understand
how hard it has been,
how cut off
You may have felt
from yourself and others,
Living with some form of depression
Around your heart.

How isolated
you may have been,
in this heavy fog
that has surrounded you.

And see if you can feel with your whole heart,
with your whole being,
that you are in the process of healing,
that you will continue to heal
as you more and more release
the places that hold pain and resentment,
disappointment and self-hatred.

As you breath
With this increased energy pulsing through you,
you can remember
the feel of your body
With its full vigor,
doing what it loves to do,
strong, and smooth, and steady,
alert and focused,
enjoying its aliveness.

Breathing in
to touch it,
breathing out
to let it move through you.

Sending your own energy
to every corner
of your being.

Rich and full and clearer than before.

Now take a deep
full cleansing breath,

You might feel
that something powerful
has happened
In your heart, your body, and your mind,

And now,
feel yourself
sitting in your chair
or lying down,
breathing in
and out
very rhythmically and easily,

And open your eyes
Whenever you’re ready.

So, thank you for having the courage
To do this unusual mindfulness practice.

To recap,

It’s very useful to practice bringing kind awareness to the sensations of your body. This will serve as a foundation for concentration and present-moment attention.

Also, it can be easier to access more energy and love in the body by calling forth an image or feeling from someone who loves you more than anyone else does.

And finally, see if you can use this energy and love to help dissolve blockages and barriers around your heart, your belly, and any area of your body that may feel heavy, tense, or disconnected.

I hope this mindfulness practice has helped you.

Thank you for your mindfulness.


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