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If you find yourself lacking motivation and you want to find your lost passion, try these four steps:

Rest. First and foremost, get some rest. You must get more disciplined in recovering all that energy spent when you are always on the go. When you get enough sleep, your cognitive abilities refire, and motivation comes back to your life. If you can’t get a good night sleep, catch up the next day by napping or meditating.
Visualize. Close your eyes and visualize your passions and their positive outcomes. You need time away from your phone, and time away from responding to everyone else so that you can dream again. Part of the reason we lose passion is that, in all the busyness, we lose sight of what we want. Visualize every morning and night to regain focus and emotional connection.
Trigger Your Passions. Set up triggers that remind you of the things you should be excited or intentional about. Triggers can be reminders on your phone or mirror, motivating music and videos, and affirmations that you state at certain times that bring you aliveness and appreciation.
Integrate and Celebrate Your Wins. When you achieve something great, celebrate it! Take the time to journal about it and share it with others. You need to slow down and appreciate yourself. People forget to celebrate their wins, they go from one thing to another, which flat-lines their emotional energy. If you give yourself the gift of celebrating your small wins and everyday life, you allow yourself to feel emotions that re-connect you with your passions.

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