Dr. Andrew Weil: The Pursuit of Happiness

In our pursuit of happiness, we tend to see it as a goal. Dr. Andrew Weil argues that we need to work for contentment instead.

Dr. Andrew Weil teaches a program designed to protect and enhance emotional well-being through a holistic approach to retraining body, mind, and spirit.

In this, you’ll learn to:

– Take a holistic and realistic approach to unlock “spontaneous happiness.”
– Integrate Eastern and Western approaches to positive psychology.
– Use specific breathing exercises and meditations designed to develop mindfulness
– Optimize your diet to support emotional well-being
– Build physical habits that support emotional well-being

The word happiness, derived from a Norse root meaning luck or fortune, encapsulates the essential flaw in how most of us go about looking for it. We tend to view happiness as an all-or-nothing, potentially permanent state, and as something that’s visited upon or snatched away from us by chance. Lost your job? You’re unhappy. Just fell in love? Happy. The idea that “true happiness” is of a uniformly high emotional pitch, and our tendency to expect it from external things ironically ends up causing us a great deal of suffering.

In your pursuit of happiness, are you chasing a never-ending high or are you enjoying the journey through contentment?

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