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Overcoming Bad Inner Voices

September 5, 2015 Sean Fargo min read

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Overcoming bad inner voices - Don't let those deeply unhelpful inner voices drag you down. We need an alternative voice that reminds us of the strength that resides within us.

All of us have deeply unhelpful inner voices inside us, dragging us down with criticisms and unfair accusations. Overcoming bad inner voices involves learning how to replace them with more benevolent guides.

An inner guide can be a great ally for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Developing an internal nurturing and encouraging figure reminds you of your abilities and good qualities, while providing counsel in difficult times. An inner guide combines the benefits of a good friend (a shoulder to lean on) with self-inquiry and introspection, allowing us to make better decisions and improving our self-esteem and self-image when we need it most.

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