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One Meditation For Increasing Feelings of Safety, Contentment & Care


Dear friends,

Rick Hanson is one of my top three favorite meditation teachers.

Humble. Compassionate. Funny. Wise. Practical.

He’s the kind of meditation teacher I aspire to be more like.

Several years ago, he wrote a revolutionary book on how to wisely cultivate positive character traits in both kids and adults. It’s called Hardwiring Happiness.

In the book, he outlines practical steps for increasing feelings of safety, contentment and love – traits we all want more of.

He also freely shared a talk and a meditation on how to “hardwire happiness”, which I am very happy to share with you:

Hardwiring Happiness:

Context + Meditation (~20 minutes total)

Meditation Only (~10 minutes total)

If our minds are like gardens, we can
– pull the weeds (therapy, shadow work, etc.)
– be present for it without judgment (mindfulness)
– plant beautiful flowers (hardwiring happiness)

May your gardens grow with feelings of safety, contentment and love!

Sean Fargo
Founder, Mindfulness Exercises
Skype: seanfargo

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