Whole Body Breathing | Mindfulness Exercises

Let’s begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position. You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open allowing the spine to lift (2 seconds), the shoulders to soften (2 seconds).


Today we will practice whole body breathing.

Adjust yourself so you’re sitting in a way that feels upright and balanced.

Both alert and relaxed (2 seconds).

Begin by taking a full breath in (2 seconds)

and a long breath out (5 seconds).

Noticing the breath, allowing it to move your body as you inhale (2 seconds)

and as you exhale (2 seconds).

Recognizing there is no need to do anything in particular,

no need to control the breath, we’re just allowing.

And as you breathe in, imagine that your whole body is breathing in.

And as you breathe out, imagine that the whole body is breathing out.

The whole body filling with breath as you breathe in.

The whole body releasing as you breathe out (5 seconds).

Let’s continue breathing like this for a few breaths (10 seconds).

If you find yourself feeling scattered or distracted,

coming back to the feeling of full body breathing.

Noticing perhaps how the breath naturally causes expansion outward with each inhale (2 seconds)

and settles in with each exhale (20 seconds).

With your next exhale, allow your body to be still for just a moment,

noticing the sensations that are alive in your body.

And as you begin to inhale one more time, allow your eyes to open slowly (5 seconds).

Now before getting up, take a moment to gently move your body.

Perhaps wiggling your fingers and toes.

Rolling the shoulders and the neck around.

Flexing your feet. How does your body feel? (5 seconds)

And see if you can carry some of this awareness with you as you move throughout your day (5 seconds)

*ding* (15 seconds).





Integrated Practice: During a transition time today (e.g. between meetings at work, just before entering your house, just before going to bed), pause and take a whole body breath.


Reflection Question:

How does stopping to take a whole body breath affect your mood or attitude?



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