2 Minutes of Mindful Breathing | Mindfulness Exercises

Let’s begin by taking a moment to allow your body to settle into a comfortable position.

You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open (3 seconds)

allowing the spine to lift, the shoulders to soften (3 seconds).

Today we will practice two minutes of mindful breathing (3 seconds).

Begin by taking a full breath in and a long breath out (3 seconds).

Allowing the breath to settle the body and settle the mind (3 seconds).

Feel your chest and stomach gently rising and falling with each breath (7 seconds).

We’re now going to count a few breaths silently (2 seconds).

So on your next inhale, counting silently to yourself, one (2 seconds)

and as you exhale (2 seconds) one.

Now on the next breath count again (2 seconds)

two, on the exhale (2 seconds)

two (3 seconds).

Now continue counting your breath for a few more breaths (10 seconds).

If you notice the mind is wandering, just bring it gently back to the breath (2 seconds).

Perhaps feeling the passage of air through the nostrils

or the movement of your chest as your inhale and exhale (13 seconds).

Now with one finaling breath and out breath, noticing any sensations or feelings in the body (3 seconds).

And when you’re ready, gently opening your eyes and returning to your day (2 seconds)

*ding* (20 seconds)




Integrated Practice:

Write for 2 full minutes on each prompt below.  Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect.


Journaling Prompts:

  1. What I want from this 28-day challenge is …  
  2. Some obstacles to me practicing every day could be…
mindfulness exercises


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