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Hello, and welcome to this meditation! Today we’ll be practicing mantra chanting. ​A mantra is a sound, a word, or a statement that’s repeated in order to achieve a deep state of meditation. I will guide you through some pregnancy­specific mantras that will help inspire and comfort. You may choose to say your mantra out loud, or in your mind. If you choose to vocalize your mantras, please be mindful of your atmosphere, making sure that you can comfortably voice your mantra without disruption.


Now, go ahead and find your breath. Simply observe it for the next few moments. Notice the way your chest and abdomen move as you breathe in and out…


Try not to make any changes as you breathe ­ simply observe the breath…


Now, make an effort to increase your inhales…and your exhales….breathing more


deeply and fluidly…


At your next breath, I would like you to pause at the peak of the breath and hold for a few moments before exhaling.


Deep breath in….hold at the top of the breath….and exhale…slowly…


Again, a nice, deep breath in….hold….and, exhale…


One more time…breathe in….hold….and, exhale…


Breathe deeply a few more times, then allow your breath to settle into a natural, fluid




Now, let’s go ahead and chant a mantra! There are various stresses that go along with motherhood, and you may find yourself frazzled more often than not. A great, positive mantra for mothers­to­be is:


All is well




Repeat after me….All is well. This is a simple, yet powerful mantra. All is well.


As you continue to chant these words, embrace the energy behind them. Feel the comfort and joy that these words bring…All is well!


Now, let’s choose another powerful mantra. Gratitude is a very healing, warm emotion. Expressing appreciation for your entire pregnancy experience is beneficial for both you and the baby. Repeat after me…


I am thankful for this gift.


I am thankful for this gift.


Go ahead and repeat the mantra to yourself. Let the words resonate within you…


I am thankful for this gift.


If any negative or stressful thoughts arise, simply return back to the mantra…back to the words…back to the breath….


Now, chant a mantra of your own choosing. If you’d like, you can simply repeat one single word and feel it radiating in and around you. Words like love, happiness, patience, and peace are all wonderful, positive words. Take a few moments to choose your word or phrase, hold it within your heart, and repeat it to yourself…


When you’re ready, take a few deep breaths, and give your body a nice stretch. You may choose to jot down your mantras on post­its and place them around your home or work for inspiration. Remember that mantras are great for any time of the day or night, and can be applied to all situations. And, of course, you can practice chanting whenever you seek peace or an uplifting experience.

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