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Hello, and welcome to this meditation! Fatigue is an ever­present symptom of pregnancy, and most expectant mothers experience it at varying degrees throughout the trimesters. Drowsiness and lack of energy can greatly affect everyday life, especially work and responsibilities, and may even lead to mood swings. Since caffeine isn’t recommended during pregnancy, finding safe ways to boost energy can be a challenge. Nutritious snacks throughout the day can help keep energy up, as well as taking brief power naps. As a supplement to these types of self­care, meditation can give you a power shot of energy. You can practice this meditation any time you need an extra boost throughout the day.


Make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable position, and that your eyes are closed for this visualization…


When you’re ready, visualize the very top of your head….picture a ball of energy, full of


light…sitting on top of your head. This ball of light can be whatever color you’d


like…white…gold…orange. What color represents energy and revitalization to you? Take


a few moments to choose a color…


Now, imagine that this ball of light, in whatever color you chose, is moving from the top of your head…down to your face. Imagine that the energy rejuvenates everything it touches! Your forehead…your eyes…your nose and mouth…your ears and cheeks…


Moving down to your neck…and shoulders, now…the ball of light splits and goes all the way down your arms…then meet back at your chest…


Spreading down to your stomach and abdomen, now…and around to your back…giving each cell of your body super strength and energy as the ball of light goes along…


Imagine it spreading down to your hips…down your thighs to your knees…and all the way to the tips of your toes. Stay still, now, and enjoy the sensation of energy that you feel…


Now, let’s go up the body and energize it once again as we go. Picture the ball of energy spreads from the tips of your toes…up your feet and ankles…all the way up your legs, knees, and hips…higher still to your abdomen…re­energizing each and every cell as it spreads from your chest to your back…and then all the way from your fingertips to


your arms…going up to your shoulders…neck…face…all the way back to the top of your head…


Sit in stillness once again, enjoying the abundance of energy, and feeling every cell, muscle, bone, organ, and limb completely invigorated….


When you’re prepared to end the meditation, open your eyes and give yourself a nice stretch, continuing to feel the extra energy coursing through your body. Remember that keeping yourself replenished and well­rested is very important to the pregnancy. Return to this meditation any time you need a little pick­me­up to help you through the day.

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