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Hello, and welcome to this meditation. During your pregnancy, you may find that your breathing has become labored, halted, or shallow. Mild shortness of breath is completely normal at this time, as your body needs more oxygen. As your pregnancy progresses, more pressure is placed on your diaphragm and lungs, as well, which may increase your inhales and exhales. Guided abdominal breathing is a great exercise that will help you take fuller, deeper breaths. Nice, deep breaths are very beneficial for the mind and for the body.



Please find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and get into a comfortable sitting position. You may close your eyes, if you wish to enhance your concentration on the breath.


Now, simply observe your natural breathing state. Notice if there are any halts or hitches in your breath…observe your inhales and exhales….


Go ahead and place one hand on your abdomen and breathe deeply through the nose, directing the full breath to the abdomen…and feeling it rise at is slowly fills with air…and, exhale slowly through your lightly­parted mouth…


Now, place your other hand on your chest…and once again breathe in slowly, through the nose…feeling your chest expanding with air…and exhale through your mouth….


Feel the difference sensations of the breath as you alternate directing it to the abdomen, then the lungs.


Now that you feel the difference between abdominal inhale and lung­expanding inhales, let’s concentrate solely on the abdomen. Be sure that when you’re directing your inhale to the abdomen, the hand that rests there is risen by the breath. If your chest rises, as well, try to guide the energy solely to the abdomen area on your next inhale…


If you have issues breathing through your nose, feel free to inhale and exhale through the mouth. If you experience any dizziness during this exercise, allow your breathing to return to a natural rhythm before beginning again.


Deep breath through the nose….letting your chest lie still….feeling your hand rise with the breath as it hold the abdomen…and a nice, long breath out…feeling your abdomen slowly deflate with the exhale…


Once more, deep, full breath in…filling the abdomen…and a long exhale…


Go ahead and practice this exercise a few more times on your own. If your thoughts should wander, that’s okay. Simply bring them back to the breath with your next round of breathing…


When you’re ready, allow your breath to return to normal, open your eyes, and give your body a good stretch. As you go about your day, remind yourself of the importance of deep breathing, and make an effort to practice it for better health, clearer thinking, and relaxation.

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