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Hello, and welcome to this meditation! As pregnancy transitions from conception to labor, the mother may feel different types of connection with the baby. Some even sense the baby’s energy at the moment of conception! More commonly, the expectant mother begins to feel a stronger bond with the baby in the middle­ and later­months of pregnancy. It’s important to connect with and strengthen this energy in order to foster the mother­child connection even before birth. Some women like to talk to their unborn child, while others may prefer simply holding the belly and sitting with the experience. This meditation will guide you through a visualization that will help you to connect with the baby in a tender and intimate way.


Take a few moments to make sure you’re in a quiet place, and settle into a comfortable position. You may allow your eyes to close, if you wish…


Now, take a few deep and cleansing breaths to relax your body and mind…


When you’re ready, place your hands on your abdomen wherever is most comfortable…resting above the belly, cradling underneath, or supporting the sides of the belly. Simply sit with this experience…


Now, begin to connecting with the energy of your baby. Visualize it as it rests in your womb. Try to picture the position that the baby is in. Notice all of the little details…the tiny fingers and toes…the eyes…the heart…


Imagine that you can hear the baby’s heartbeat. The steady, strong, beat of a healthy and growing heart. Allow your own heartbeat to resonate with it, now. With each beat, you feel the bond growing stronger and stronger. Enjoy this sensation as you continue to breath nice, deep breaths…


Go ahead and talk to your baby, now. You can choose to talk aloud, or in your mind. Continuing to cradle your belly as you do. Express any loving thoughts or messages you would like to give to your baby. Perhaps you would like to tell the baby how excited you are for his or her arrival. Or, if the baby feels fussy, you may feel the urge to offer soothing, comforting words. You may sing to your baby, if you wish, or simply hum. Go


with what feels natural and loving, and allow yourself to connect on a deep, intimate level for the next few moments…


When you are ready to end the meditation, thank your baby for sharing this experience with you. Quite often, we go about our days without taking the time to connect with others on a deep level…taking the time to be mindful and to truly connect with your baby is a great way to encourage a healthy, holistic pregnancy.

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