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Hello, and welcome to this meditation! Throughout pregnancy, mothers­to­be may experience a range of physical and emotional issues, including aches and pains, sore and swollen joints, stiffness, mood swings, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Quite often, a calm mind is the key to a calm body, and vice­versa. When your thoughts are troubled, they can lead to physical discomfort. And, in turn, when your body aches, you can become anxious, obsessive, frustrated, or generally troubled. It’s important to notice subtle pains and sensations at this time, as they’re often clues to how the body, baby, and pregnancy are progressing. However, it’s also essential to learn to tune in to your emotions and calm the mind. During this meditation, I will guide you through a technique to relax the body and the mind.



Please find a quiet place to relax, and make any adjustments to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.


Now, allow your eyes to close…and observe your breath for the next few moments. Try not to change anything…just observe and feel.


Let’s go ahead and do a few rounds of timed breathing, now…at your next breath, go ahead and inhale, hold at the top of the breath, and exhale slowly.


Breathe in…hold…exhale….


Inhale….hold….exhale slowly…


Again, inhale…hold….nice, long exhale…


Do this a few more times on your own…feeling yourself relax more and more deeply as you do so.


Now, draw your attention to your body….feeling the weight of your body as it rests…


Let’s do a body scan, now, relaxing each limb and muscle as we go from the top of hte head to the tips of the toes. Begin with your head…your face….soften your features, making sure that your jaw is nice and limp, unclenched, and that the muscles around your forehead, eyes, and mouth are relaxed….down to the neck, now…spreading


relaxation to your shoulders…around to your back…your stomach and abdomen…release all tension as you go….allowing your arms and legs, now, to become as loose and relaxed as possible…all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes…


Focus, now, on your thoughts…I would like you to imagine that your thoughts are like a babbling brooke. Allow each thought to rise to the surface…and then, let it pop like a bubble…practice this visualization for each thought that comes into your awareness. Know that this brooke is always flowing and changing, just as your thoughts are always shifting. It’s okay to think while you’re meditating ­ simply isolate each thought, bring it to your awareness, and let it pass. Let your stream of consciousness flow smoothly…


Allow your breathing to harmonize with your thought exercise, now. Bring all thoughts and sensations to your awareness with the inhale…hold as you continue to hold them in your awareness…then, exhale slowly. Practice this a few more times on your own….


When you are ready to end this meditation, let your breathing return to a natural rhythm, open your eyes, and bring yourself back to your surroundings. Calming the body and mind is very beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your baby, and can help calm him or her down, as well. Return to this meditation any time you’d like to soothe your nerves, calm your worries, or simply take a break.

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