Published on Feb 9, 2015

Mindfulness Matters captures children’s perspective on Still Space, Acts of Kindness (AOK), Attitude of Gratitude and more in Fahy National School, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland. Still Space is one of a range of children’s CDs with novel and creative mindfulness and visualisation practices.


Mindfulness is about becoming yourself down. It makes you feel relaxed.

Mindfulness makes me feel calm.

It makes me feel relaxed, and it’s quiet. ___. Just be. Now.

The jar is like care, heart, and it has a lot of stuff inside. And then you start to shake it, and it’s like inside your brain. And all the things go round and round like your mind is so busy that it can’t think a lot of things. And then, when you leave it to settle, you take a deep breathe, and then it all goes to the bottom and everything is calm.

My act of kindness was that I got the ___ ready for dinner. I made breakfast for my mommy. I cleaned this bare room without my mom asking. I got my mom some peas.

I fed the dog. He ___.

When I made breakfast for my mommy, she was really happy.

When I got the ___ sprouts ready, she said, “Thank you very much, Tifa.”

And it made me feel happy, and it made my mom feel happy, too.

I am grateful for…

…the XBOX that Santa got me for Christmas.

And LEGO, and Helicopter, which I got for Christmas.

A nice, warm house.

My pet dog.


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