Take these 4 factors into consideration when managing mindfulness exercises for groups. Namely: safety, tone of voice, type of mindfulness, and processing.

Mindfulness has been in existence for centuries and practiced by the Buddhists but has become extremely popular especially in therapeutic settings in the past 30 years or so. It is practiced in all walks of life from children to harried business owners to the elderly. Its health benefits are enormous, and its implications magnanimous.

For a therapist, managing mindfulness exercises for groups doesn’t have to be burdensome. Follow our four-step guide, and you’ll be well on your way to leading successful, effective groups for any type of client.

  1. Safety — the key component to creating a powerful experience for the client is comfort and safety. Providing comfortable seating in a room with soft lighting will go a long way to ease anxieties.
  2. Tone of voice — when leading an exercise, use a conversational, inviting tone allowing the client to relax into the activity.
  3. Type of mindfulness — when choosing the exercise for that session, pay close attention to the type of client being addressed and the feelings that are present at the time. For example, a more anxious group may require a meditation led to soothing music whereas a younger, more energetic group might require one altogether different.
  4. Processing — once the mindfulness is completed, always process with the group members any feelings or emotions that have surfaced during that time.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool when used in a therapy setting for individuals and for groups. Counselors can teach their clients a whole new set of skills for dealing with life’s issues on a daily basis.

To learn more about leading mindfulness groups, please contact us.

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