Most consider exercise to be an arduous task and make excuses to avoid it at all costs. When we think of exercise, we often envisage crowded gyms filled with sweaty people who occupy the machines we want to use. To avoid the sweat and the throng, you have to go to the gym early in the morning or late at night. But, who wants to wake up early to lift heavy weights? We would love the idea of being able to exercise whilst having fun.

Well, that idea is not so far-fetched. The gym is not the only place where you can get a workout, and running on the road is not the only exercise to lose weight. We have figured out ways to make exercise fun and at the same time get the fitness results you seek. The experts at Research and You attest to these methods.

Dancing shoes

If sport was never your thing, we are certain that dancing is. Dancing is made up of various styles such as country, ballroom, salsa, folk dancing and square dancing. If you are the shy type who feels intimidated by dancing with a so-called professional, not to worry, you can always opt for belly dancing, which does not require a partner.

Backyard activities

Being young has its benefits. When we were growing up we loved being in the backyard more than being cooped up in the house. We much preferred to play catch, soccer and even play with the dog. The main aspect of exercise is movement. By being involved in backyard activities, you are exposing your body to a movement that is pleasurable. No excuses for not having your best friend at bay. You can play in your backyard by yourself in activities such as swimming, basketball and squash.

Change your routine

For those involved in daily exercises such as walking and running, instead of doing the same boring thing, add a bit of spice to your workout. Instead of walking around the block, take the dog to the park. If you are running the same boring path, change your direction to get a different scenery or take a partner with you. Either way, make sure you are doing something different than you are now.

Family outings

In today’s age where we are constantly trying to reach higher stations in life, we leave little spare time for our family. A great way to spend time with the loved ones while exercising is to go on a family hike. To make it even more fun, you should suggest to your family a hiking race. The last one to the top is making dinner.


Men dread the task of having to get into the car and pop into the local store for five minutes to get bread and milk while women view shopping as a pleasurable experience that they can indulge in for hours. Research has shown that it is possible to burn 175 calories while you are shopping, ladies. Pushing the trolley and reaching for the top shelf has health benefits. Who would have guessed?

Clean the house

You have to clean the house whether you like it or not at some point. While making your dwelling a place that is not painful to the eyes or the nose, get an exercise from it as well. You do not have to restrict yourself to cleaning indoors, either. Take out the lawnmower from the garage and snip that grass which is reaching your knees.


If shopping is your preferred choice for getting exercise, you can begin even before you step out of the car. We always try to look for the closest bay to the door to ensure that we do not strain ourselves when carrying the grocery bags. A great exercise routine is to park far from the entrance. The side benefit is that you will not struggle to find parking.

Exercise the mind

Studies have shown that stress can lead to weight gain. Comfort food has been dubbed, after all. You can engage in activities that do not require an effort but are soothing to the mind. Get a massage or lie by the pool. The more your mind is relaxed, the less prone you are to reaching for the cake at the back of your fridge.

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