There are two primary reasons people fail to change: They didn’t really want to change or they lack sustained focus. Try these 5 ideas to master change next time:

1. Write down your goal (and why you want it) every single day.
2. Put it in the calendar and do it every single day until it’s an unconscious habit.
3. Measure progress every day.
4. Share your goal with everyone you know.
5. Get a coach or a comrade in change.

Many people want to make changes in their lives and have the best intentions, but then find that they can’t make change stick. It’s very common for people to make some progress toward their desired changes but then lose momentum and fall short of reaching their goals

Some Reasons We Get Sick

There are a few primary reasons that people fail to make change stick. One is that they don’t want the change in the first place. They think they do, but deep down, it conflicts with something they want more, or it simply isn’t a goal that they take seriously, something they feel emotionally compelled to achieve. If this sounds like you, then it’s essential to get back to your priorities and find something that connects you emotionally to the change you want to make – to find a way to make it something you truly want and feel compelled to do.

Another reason it can be hard to make change stick is that you aren’t focusing on the change you want every day. Perhaps you came up with a new goal, and you felt very excited about it; maybe you even set some specific goals and ways to achieve them. However, what often happens after this beginning stage is that people fail to focus on their goals daily, instead letting their intentions fall by the wayside and allowing the next distraction to take over their thoughts. 

Steps Towards Change

If you recognize these challenges in your own life, you are probably wondering how to solve them so that you can finally break through and achieve the changes you want to make. Here are five specific steps you can take to change the way you approach change. 

  • Write down the change you want to make – every day. You may have written it down once but keep writing it over and over every single day to help the goal stick in your mind. 
  • Spend time every day working toward your goal. Schedule time to actively work on your goal every day until you reach it. 
  • Measure your progress every single day. At the end of each day, measure how well you did that day in each category associated with your goal. 
  • Tell people about the change you’re making. When you share your goal with the people you know, you’ll benefit from more encouragement, challenge, and accountability. 
  • Enlist a coach or comrade to help you progress. Hiring a life coach is a great idea – someone who can help you assess your progress each week and advise you on what you can do better and how. 

You deserve to lead a life of happiness and freedom. Feeling trapped in old habits can severely affect your quality of life. Try the steps above and see if they help you make change stick at

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