“Lovingkindness In the Face of Adversity” [Video]

Published on Sep 14, 2014

“Lovingkindness: it’s not something simpering, saccharine, weak or foolish. It is actually something that is full of tremendous strength,” explains renowned meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg in her Speakeasy from Wanderlust Tremblant.

When people say to her that they have reservations about developing a mindset of ‘lovingkindness’, proffering excuses of not wanting to become weak or vulnerable, she responds by translating lovingkindness not as a means of caring for others, but as a connection with others.

“It doesn’t mean you like everybody. It actually doesn’t even mean you like anybody! But we recognize deep down that our lives have something to do with one another, that we recognize something in one another. It’s like the children’s rule that “everyone gets to play”. They don’t have to be your best friend, but everyone deserves a shot at fundamental respect.”

Join Sharon as she goes deeper into the roots of lovingkindness, and learn:

• the three concepts that are traditionally taught alongside and in support of ‘lovingkindness’,
• how the original Buddhist term ‘metta’ plays into her description of lovingkindness as connection,
• how we can recognize the interrelated nature of life while still retaining boundaries from things we know will drain our energy,
• why the notion of interrelated life is neither sentimental, fanciful or even necessarily pleasant — it just is.

Learn more about Sharon’s work (including authoring 8 books) and her upcoming event schedule at www.sharonsalzberg.com.


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