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This is a Guided Meditation on Cultivating Compassion by Pascal Auclair. He seeks to bend the direction of living kindness into compassion.

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Guided Meditation – Cultivating Compassion by Pascal Auclair:

To heighten the guided meditation, we thought we could explore a little bit compassion and see if we can get in that field a little bit. And, to do this, we’ll invite us to start by forming an intention, a very clear intention to stay stable, balanced, as we do this exploration. So, we kind of put this as a first vale. You know, I really want to be kind of a honored, faster, invite, stability to do this. If I see myself lose balance, then I’ll put this as a priority if I fall into despair, if the heart sinks in some ways, then maybe I’ll want to ground myself fitting the sitting, just the breathing, hearing, maybe tune out the teacher’s words.

Like, do what you need to do to ground yourself or open the space. Think of something maybe beautiful reassuring to you. You know. And know that the guided meditation is that you can stop at any time. It’s going to be kind of visualization and it might work for you, it might never work for you, it might not work tonight, or it might work tonight and not tomorrow.

Like, we’re really in the field here of things changing, being condition, because there’s exact right time for one of us, but not for the one’s sitting next to us, you know. Something… anyway, you get the picture.

And so, this intention is interest for calm and balance of mind and heart. See if you can feel this as now you sit here. Through the tiredness, you know, or anything else you feel, can there be invited in some measure of quietness, of balance, or ground, or space as a, and – describes different ways we might experience. Balance, equanimity. What in your inner field can help you experience that? Of access to some of that.

And if you want, I’ll invite you to become conscious of the breathing of the body. These sensations and expansions and contraction, rising and falling. If it can be refuge for you then allow it to be it. Being moved by the comings and goings of the breath, and carried and held by that. Maybe you can focus bringing your attention particularly in the chest area, the heart area.

Sometimes, the center of the emotions where we feel the different moods that visit us. And this is where imagination comes in now. If you would like, you could imagine a little fire in the heart there. That – fire, or something, in stove. The fire, the heart, producing some warmth. As you breathe in every time, you bring oxygen to the fire. Keeping the warmth going in there.

And as you exhale, with the ___, you can imagine releasing the warmth, radiating it, releasing it. So warmth of the friendliness and care of good wishes. Every time you breath in, you feel this ___, and out radiates ___, compassion. And particularly, powerful fuel for this fire of love, is not easy, difficult.

So, as you breathe in you might come to your mind some of the difficulties you’ve experienced or experiencing now. And let them, let the in-breath access the heart, and become fuelled as you exhale. Let the difficulties be transformed into care and compassion, and love. So, breathing in if you want, breathing in your pain, your sorrows, and letting it be completely transformed in the heart into warmth, and care.

And ___, physical discomfort, thoughts, memories, experiences of discomfort can be let in. And on the exhale, it’s transformed into care and warmth, and compassion. And if you want to, when it comes to mind, you might think of the difficulties of other beings, ___ some you care for deeply. You don’t have to be afraid, because when it gets in the heart, it’s completely transformed into caring and compassion. So, it can breathe in. The impressions, thoughts.

What your difficulties, and others’ difficulties, those around you know, or around your life. That have been a great fire of the heart transform it.

If you want, you can let your heart become the great archetype. Fire of love. And taken even greater pain, and difficulties that you see in the world. If you were to feel your heart fall into sync into despair, reactivity. You might not just feed the fire so much for a little while. Let it cool down. Just rest here in the space. But if it feels steady, then let it do its thing.

(long pause)

So you know, you can stay with this image. Explore as if you see fit. Or, let the fire cool down or the imagery vanish and sit here quietly. See what’s natural for you to do now.

(long pause)

Be aware of the quality of your heart and mind now. The awareness that is there, or not.

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