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Giving Kindness To Your Mind And Thoughts

Giving Kindness To Your Mind And Thoughts. A guided meditation script for teachers of all types, this exercise is a beautiful introduction to longer loving kindness meditations. It can be explored with older students or adults to help instill a sense of self-love and kindness.

Kindness with Thoughts

You may notice that your response to the mind and its thoughts is not always rooted in kindness and gentleness.

Traditionally, loving-kindness is practiced toward a person (even if that person is yourself), but you can direct this same sentiment toward the mind itself.

With practice, you can learn to respond to the mind with greater acceptance.

This helps you see more clearly and not get caught up in reacting to each and every thought.

Sit in a way that feels healthy and conducive to mindfulness.

Listen to your body and make any adjustments to find a comfortable posture.

As with the previous exercise, begin with a few minutes of concentration practice.

Bring your attention to the body breathing, and gently train the mind to focus.

Open up to your thoughts.

Keeping your awareness of the breath as your anchor, simply notice when a thought arises.

You may label it or note its contents, but focus on responding to it with gentleness.

Whether the thought is pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral, try to bring some patience to the thinking mind.

When a thought arises, offer a phrase of loving-kindness toward the mind and the thought.

You may try using one of these phrases:

May I be at ease with the mind.

May I be at ease with this thought.

Thinking mind, gentle mind.

Giving Kindness To Your Mind And Thoughts

Reconnect with the intention to respond to your thoughts with kindness over and over again.

When the mind wanders off, just come back to the breath and pay attention when a thought comes up.

Gently offer a phrase of loving-kindness and return to your desire to be at ease with the mind.

You may even try offering a phrase to the wandering itself.

When you complete this practice, make a dedicated effort to carry it with you during your day.

Pause and offer the mind and thoughts a few phrases of loving-kindness when you’re waiting in line, walking to your car, or checking the mail.


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